We are pleased to announce that our company has achieved FSC certification at group level. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certifies sustainable sylviculture and indicates that our company uses wood that has been grown in an environmentally friendly and responsible way. This certification demonstrates that our company is committed to environmental protection and sustainability.

Forests and forest industry play an important role in the life of humankind, since timber is one of the most important commodities of construction industry and is used in various other industries, too. However, the conservation and sustainable management of forests is essential in favour of future generations too.

Obtaining FSC certification is a long and detailed process, during which an enterprise must meet strict requirements. The first step is to select an FSC accredited certification body that supervises the audit. During the audit, the company is expected to fulfil the requirements of FSC. Those requirements comprise forest management, protection, and sustainable use of forests as well.

Earning FSC certification is not a simple task, it is a long-term commitment to sustainable forest management and demonstrates the real commitment of the business concerned to sustainability and environmental protection.

We thank our employees for contributing with their hard work and commitment to achieving the certificate.